COVID19 v3.0.0 2021-11-19

Data Update

  • added the data on the number of people who have received at least one vaccine dose
  • added the number of people who are fully vaccinated according to the vaccination protocol
  • added the data on population for all the administrative areas that we provide (more than 12,000)
  • added the latest policy measures by Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker
  • added google and apple mobility identifiers for 3000+ administrative areas
  • added a new set of identifiers to enable geospatial analysis by linking to NUTS codes for Europe or to the GADM database worldwide
  • to compute coordinates, the centroid is replaced by st_point_on_surface, which guarantees to return a point on the surface of the administrative area

Breaking changes

  • the id for level 1 has been replaced with a 8-alphanumeric hash code for consistency with levels 2 and 3
  • the column key_google_mobility now matches the Google place_id
  • the columns key, key_alpha_2, and key_numeric are replaced by key_local; containing the administrative area identifier used by the local authorities regardless of its type, e.g., numeric, 2-alpha code, etc. Codes such as FIPS now include leading zeros
  • the column currency is renamed in iso_currency
  • vintage data are now shipped in SQLite databases instead of ZIP folders
  • vintage data sources are now reported in PDF files, instead of src.csv

Website and documentation

  • new website with interactive visualization of the data and data sources
  • improved documentation

New URLs

A new set of endpoints is available to download the data in several ways. The following files will continue to be updated for backward compatibility, but it is strongly recommended to switch to the new URLs:

Old URL New URL Description Format Downloads Worldwide country-level data CSV Worldwide country-level data ZIP Worldwide state-level data CSV Worldwide state-level data ZIP Worldwide city-level data CSV Worldwide city-level data ZIP

Deprecated files

The following files have been deprecated and are no longer maintained.

URL Description Format Downloads Pre-processed worldwide country-level data CSV Pre-processed worldwide state-level data CSV Pre-processed worldwide city-level data CSV Pre-processed worldwide country-level data ZIP Pre-processed worldwide state-level data ZIP Pre-processed worldwide city-level data ZIP Log file CSV Log file CSV Data sources CSV