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Variable Description
id Unique identifier.
date Observation date.

COVID-19 variables

Variable Description
deaths Cumulative number of deaths.
confirmed Cumulative number of confirmed cases.
tests Cumulative number of tests.
vaccines Cumulative number of doses administered. This is counted as a single dose, and may not equal the total number of people vaccinated, depending on the specific dose regime (e.g. people receive multiple doses). If a person receives one dose of the vaccine, this metric goes up by 1. If they receive a second dose, it goes up by 1 again.
recovered Cumulative number of patients released from hospitals or reported recovered.
hosp Number of hospitalized patients on date.
icu Number of hospitalized patients in ICUs on date.
vent Number of patients requiring invasive ventilation on date.
population Total population.

Policy measures

Variable Description
school_closing 0: No measures - 1: Recommend closing - 2: Require closing (only some levels or categories, eg just high school, or just public schools - 3: Require closing all levels. More details
workplace_closing 0: No measures - 1: Recommend closing (or work from home) - 2: require closing for some sectors or categories of workers - 3: require closing (or work from home) all-but-essential workplaces (eg grocery stores, doctors). More details
cancel_events 0: No measures - 1: Recommend cancelling - 2: Require cancelling. More details
gatherings_restrictions 0: No restrictions - 1: Restrictions on very large gatherings (the limit is above 1000 people) - 2: Restrictions on gatherings between 100-1000 people - 3: Restrictions on gatherings between 10-100 people - 4: Restrictions on gatherings of less than 10 people. More details
transport_closing 0: No measures - 1: Recommend closing (or significantly reduce volume/route/means of transport available) - 2: Require closing (or prohibit most citizens from using it). More details
stay_home_restrictions 0: No measures - 1: recommend not leaving house - 2: require not leaving house with exceptions for daily exercise, grocery shopping, and “essential” trips - 3: Require not leaving house with minimal exceptions (e.g. allowed to leave only once every few days, or only one person can leave at a time, etc.). More details
internal_movement_restrictions 0: No measures - 1: Recommend closing (or significantly reduce volume/route/means of transport) - 2: Require closing (or prohibit most people from using it). More details
international_movement_restrictions 0: No measures - 1: Screening - 2: Quarantine arrivals from high-risk regions - 3: Ban on high-risk regions - 4: Total border closure. More details
information_campaigns 0: No COVID-19 public information campaign - 1: public officials urging caution about COVID-19 - 2: coordinated public information campaign (e.g. across traditional and social media). More details
testing_policy 0: No testing policy - 1: Only those who both (a) have symptoms AND (b) meet specific criteria (eg key workers, admitted to hospital, came into contact with a known case, returned from overseas) - 2: testing of anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms - 3: open public testing (eg “drive through” testing available to asymptomatic people). More details
contact_tracing 0: No contact tracing - 1: Limited contact tracing, not done for all cases - 2: Comprehensive contact tracing, done for all cases. More details
stringency_index Stringency of governmental responses. More details

Geographic information

Variable Description
latitude Latitude.
longitude Longitude.
administrative_area_level Administrative area level.
administrative_area_level_1 Administrative area of top level.
administrative_area_level_2 Administrative area of a lower level, usually states, regions or cantons.
administrative_area_level_3 Administrative are of a lower level, usually cities or municipalities.

External Keys

The following keys allow to extend the dataset with external data.

Variable Description
key Identifier used in governmental data.
key_alpha_2 Two-letter code used in governmental data.
key_numeric Numeric code used in governmental data.
key_google_mobility Identifier used in Google Mobility Reports.
key_apple_mobility Identifier used in Apple Mobility Reports.

Terms of Use

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