Setup and usage

Install with

pip install covid19dh

Importing main covid19() function with

from covid19dh import covid19

x = covid19("ITA") # load data

Package is regularly updated. Update with

pip install --upgrade covid19dh



Country specifies an administrative region, that the data are fetched from. This is connected with source data comes from. It can be given as ISO3, ISO2, numeric ISO or country name (case-insensitively).

Fetching data from a particular country is done with

x = covid19("ESP")

List of ISO codes can be found here.

Filter can also specify multiple countries at the same time

x = covid19(["ESP","PT","andorra",250])

Country can be omitted, then whole world data is used.

x = covid19()

Date filter

Date can be specified with datetime.datetime, or as a str in format YYYY-mm-dd.

from datetime import datetime

x = covid19("SWE", start = datetime(2020,4,1), end = "2020-05-01")


Levels work the same way as in all the other our data fetchers.

  1. Country level
  2. State, region or canton level
  3. City or municipality level
from datetime import date

x = covid19("USA", level = 2, start = date(2020,5,1))


Library keeps downloaded data in simple way during runtime. By default, using the cached data is enabled.

Caching can be disabled (e.g. for long running programs) by

x = covid19("FRA", cache=False)


Dataset citations are printed by default on stdout.

from covid19dh import covid19
x = covid19("CZE") 
Czech Statistical Office (2018),

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (2020),

Ministery of Health of Czech Republic (2020),

Our World in Data (2020),

Hale Thomas, Sam Webster, Anna Petherick, Toby Phillips, and Beatriz Kira (2020). Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker, Blavatnik School of Government.

World Bank Open Data (2018),

Guidotti, E., Ardia, D., (2020), "COVID-19 Data Hub", Working paper, doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.11649.81763.

This feature can be turned off by setting verbose to False.

from covid19dh import covid19
x = covid19("CZE", verbose = False) 

Terms of Use

We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating COVID-19 Data Hub, please:

License: GPL-3.